Honey Extraction Time

It’s that time again, the Blackberry flow has just completed out here in Western Washington and it is time to extract that delicious treasure that your girls have been working so hard on, honey!

We have honey extractors available for rent as well as for sale at the Snohomish Bee Company.

Our extractor rentals are offered for 3 day periods and run $25 for the manual extractor and $50 for the motorized extractor. The extractor rental includes all of the following:

  • Honey extractor (Manual or Motorized)
  • Uncapping knife (Hot or Cold)
  • Uncapping fork
  • Metal bucket strainer
  • Bucket frame rest

Other items to assist in extraction:

  • Fume board
  • Fischer’s Bee Quick
  • Bee Escape Board
  • Food grade 5 gal. bucket
  • Honey gate(s)
  • Uncapping roller

Please call in advance for rental availability and reservation.

Phone: 360-568-2191
Address: 403 Maple Ave STE. A, Snohomish, WA 98290