2019 Package Honey Bees Available for Pre-Order

2019 Package Honey Bees Available for Pre-Order

Snohomish Bee Admin


The Snohomish Bee Company is excited to announce that we are taking package honeybee orders for the 2019 season!  This past year was an incredible year for beekeepers all over WA with the upcoming year looking even better. If you are interested in getting into beekeeping, replace any lost colonies, or growing your apiary, package honeybees are an excellent, quick and cost efficient option.

We source our package honeybees from the finest providers in Northern California, and have done so for over a decade, we are proud to continue the tradition in 2019.

Did you know:

  • A pound of honeybees is approximately three thousand honeybees, when you buy a three pound package of honeybees, you have nearly ten thousand honeybees in your package!
  • The Snohomish Bee Company provides hundreds of beekeepers around the Pacific Northwest with thousands of honeybee packages!
  • There has been a beekeeping supply business in Snohomish, WA since the 1960’s!


We expect to see prices increase in 2019, hurry and order your honeybees now and lock in prices from 2018!

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