The Benefits of Bee Clubs

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Beekeeping is both a simple and complex hobby, simple in that it has been done for a millennia successfully and complex because even after all of this time, there is still so much mystery. Just when you think that you finally understand honeybees, the colony that you have so lovingly doted on does something not captured in any of the books that you’ve read or videos you’ve watched. This is when you need to lean on and leverage the local bee club

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2019 Package Honey Bees Available for Pre-Order

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The Snohomish Bee Company is excited to announce that we are taking package honeybee orders for the 2019 season!  This past year was an incredible year for beekeepers all over WA with the upcoming year looking even better. If you are interested in getting into beekeeping, replace any lost colonies, or growing your apiary, package honeybees are an excellent, quick and cost efficient option.

We source our package honeybees from the finest providers in Northern California, and have done so for over a decade, we are proud to continue the tradition in 2019.

Did you know:

  • A pound of honeybees is approximately three thousand honeybees, when you buy a three pound package of honeybees, you have nearly ten thousand honeybees in your package!
  • The Snohomish Bee Company provides hundreds of beekeepers around the Pacific Northwest with thousands of honeybee packages!
  • There has been a beekeeping supply business in Snohomish, WA since the 1960’s!


We expect to see prices increase in 2019, hurry and order your honeybees now and lock in prices from 2018!

Order Now!

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Fall/Winter Hours for the Snohomish Bee Company.

Snohomish Bee Admin

It’s that time of year again, everything gets delicious pumpkin spice added to it, days grow shorter and we at the Snohomish Bee Company add a couple of hours back to our family every Saturday. Beginning this Saturday, October 6th, we will be closing at 4:00 PM instead of our regular 6:00 PM. Our new hours will continue through the Fall & Winter, we will return to normal business hours in the Spring.

Our Fall/Winter Hours will be:

Tuesday – Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

We look forward to serving you through the seasons here at the Snohomish Bee Company.

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The Snohomish Bee Co. Goes on Vacation

Snohomish Bee Admin

We will be closed Tuesday, July 31st – Saturday, Aug. 4th. The Snohomish Bee Co. will return for business on Tuesday, August 7th.

During this time, online orders and responses to phone messages will be delayed. We can be reached through our contact page or through email. We look forward to serving you upon our return and appreciate your patience while we are away.

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2018 Bee Season Has Closed @ Snohomish Bee Co.

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We are a little late in posting this update as things have been incredibly busy – at this time we are completely SOLD OUT of honeybee packages and nucs for 2018.

We want to thank all of our customers who have made 2018 an incredible bee season at the Snohomish Bee Company, without your continued support of our small family business, we wouldn’t be here!

We would also like to thank the Northwest District Beekeepers Association and its continuing support of the Snohomish Bee Company, we cannot express our appreciation enough.

Our sincerest thanks!

The Snohomish Bee Company,
Cory, Sarah, Ava & Ella!


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2018 Honeybee Prices for Packages and Nucs!

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2018 Honeybee prices have finally arrived, hurry and get yours ordered before they are gone!

These packages and nucs are for local pickup in Snohomish, WA at the Snohomish Bee Company.

SOLD OUT 3lb Italian Package: (April 11th Delivery)
$130.00 + tax + $5.00 refundable cage deposit

SOLD OUT 4lb Italian Package: (April 11th Delivery)
$150.00 + tax + $5.00 refundable cage deposit

SOLD OUT 3lb Carniolan Package: (April 25th Delivery)
$150.00 + tax + $7.00 refundable cage deposit

LIMITED AVAILABILITY, ORDER SOON! 3lb Italian Package: (April 25th Delivery)
$130 + tax + $5.00 refundable cage deposit

Add $10.00 to any order if you would like “Marked Queens”

We will be offering “Survivor Stock” nucs from Old Sol Apiaries again this year.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY, ORDER SOON! 5 Frame “Survivor Stock” nuc with “Marked Queen”
$190.00 + tax + $20.00 refundable box deposit

2018 Queen prices:

Italian Queens: $38.50
Carniolan Queens: $41.50

To order, contact us during store hours at the phone number listed below OR email us at the email address listed below with a good phone number and time to contact you.

Call us: (360) 568-2191
Email us:

Address: 403 Maple Ave. Ste. A
Snohomish, WA 98290
Store Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

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