To register for our classes: you can register online, call us at (360) 568-2191 or stop by the shop. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy in effect for all classes. No refunds will be issued if you must cancel within this time period. We occasionally host Guest teacher workshops, these classes will have a no refund policy. If the Snohomish Bee Company must cancel a class, we will fully refund the cost of the class. Our classes are held in a classroom that requires climbing a flight of stairs. Please let us know in advance if you require special assistance.

Getting Started with Beekeeping

Have you ever wanted to keep honeybees but weren’t sure how to get started OR what was involved with getting started? Have you wondered what it would take to keep honeybees, the costs or time requirements? Are you currently on the fence about getting into the hobby and just need a little more information to help with your decision? If you answered, “YES!”, to any of the above, this is the course for you! Our “Getting Started with Beekeeping” course is a quick and helpful introduction into the amazing hobby of beekeeping, this course will cover costs, time, space and the basics of keeping bees that should assist anyone with an interest in beekeeping to make an informed decision.

All attendees will receive:

  • 1 Copy of “Beekeeping for Dummies”
  • 1 Handout with the basics of getting started with beekeeping
Cost: $65 per person
Seats: 12 per course
Course Time: 2hrs

Certified Apprentice Beekeeping Course

This course will cover all topics and more from the Washington State Beekeepers Association (WASBA) apprentice level course. The course will take place over two Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and will be filled with practical knowledge geared at increasing your abilities as a beekeeper in Washington state and prepare you for the WASBA Apprentice Certification.

Part 1:

  • Taxonomy of Beekeeping
  • Overview of Honeybees and their products
  • Beekeeping Equipment
  • Obtaining Bees
  • Building Your Apiary
  • Working with Bees
  • Seasonal Management: Spring/Summer
  • Swarms, Swarms, and more Swarms

Part 2:

  • Honey – From Extraction to Sales and everything in between.
  • Seasonal Management: Fall/Winter
  • Diseases & Pests – Keeping your honeybees healthy!
  • Pollination – The business of beekeeping.
  • Making your own queens
  • Certification attempt offered following course material.

All attendees will receive:

  • WASBA Apprentice Certification Course Booklet
  • Two Certification Attempts
  • 1-year membership to the Northwest District Beekeepers Association (

Cost $100 per person
Seats: 12 per course
Course Time: Approx. 18hrs (2 x 9hr Sessions)

More Information & Registration Here

Keeping Mason Bees

Are you looking for increased pollination of your fruit trees as well as your garden? Would you like to increase the number of pollinators in your area? The “Blue Orchard Mason Bee” is one the single best pollinators in the Pacific Northwest, and because they are the native to this area, they help get pollination rolling first thing in the spring when other pollinators haven’t begun. Mason bees offer an incredible experience to all of those who keep them, both in observing and caring for them, all while avoiding stings (they can sting but aren’t likely to do so). Our classes for mason bees are divided into two parts, one focused on introducing your mason bees, caring for them through the spring and summer and the second part is focused on preparing the cocoons for storage through winter.

Cost: $20
Seats: 12
Course Time: 90 minutes

Spring/Summer Session: Preparing your Mason Bees for Spring Pollination
Class dates yet to be announced

Fall/Winter Session: Preparing your Mason Bees for Winter (Bring cocoons to clean if you have them!)

More Information & Registration Here

 Dipped Taper Candle Class

Learning to make “Dipped Taper” candles from 100% beeswax is not only fun but a really great way to get your legs and arms in shape! We will spend approximately two hours learning about the candles, the methods of crafting a perfect dipped taper candle and of course, dipping the candles themselves. You will learn the required timing for dipping and hanging as well as the correct wick type and length. Your course registration includes the class, one set of dipped taper candles as well as 10% off any purchase of candles on that day.

Cost: $45
Seats: 5
Course Time: ~120 minutes

* Candles made during the class will be available for pickup the next business day.

**Bonus** Book a “Candle Making” class at checkout and save $25 by combining the two courses. You will get the class, plus two candles for only $20.

More Information & Registration Here

Candle Making Class

Learning to make poured candles is a great and simple way to create timeless creations that your friends, family and maybe even customers will love. These types of candles take some know how to get them just right, with our class you will learn exactly what it takes to pull a perfect candle from a mold each and every time. The class will run approximately 90 minutes and will include two candles (one large and one small molded), as well as 10% off of any candle that you purchase on that day.

Cost: $45
Seats: 5
Course Time: ~90 minutes

* Candles made during the class will be available for pickup the next business day.

More Information & Registration Here