The Snohomish Bee Co. is excited to announce that we will be offering Nucleus (Nuc) hives from the apiary of Eric Oliver, Golden West Apiaries, for the 2020 honeybee season. These nucs are considered some of the highest quality available due to the craftsmanship, attention to detail and scientific approach that Randy Oliver and his son, Eric Oliver apply to their livestock.

These nucs are in limited quantity this year, order yours today!

All Honeybee Nuc orders MUST be picked up at our store location in Snohomish, WA on Nuc pickup day (date still to be determined).

Please Note: Nuc hive delivery will be finalized in late March of 2020, we make our best effort to deliver honeybees on the dates scheduled, however weather and other conditions outside of our control can cause unexpected delays. We will always work to make every attempt at contacting our customers with final delivery details or changes to deliveries. Please make sure to follow our website or any of our social media accounts for announcements regarding the expected arrival of your nucleus hive.

Nuc Details: Nucs provided to us from Golden West Apiaries are sold in Jester EZ Nuc corrugated plastic reusable nuc boxes with 5 deep frames.

From Golden West Apiaries:

  • We don’t cut any corners.  The nucs that we sell you are the same as those that we produce for ourselves.
  • We work our bees bare-handed for most of the season; therefore, we select our stock for gentle temperament.
  • We breed for genetic diversity within our thousand-hive operation; our queens come in a rainbow of colors.  Such diversity ensures robust, healthy colonies.
  • We do not routinely use antibiotic treatments, so purchasers can be assured of combs free of AFB spores.
  • We strongly select for mite resistance—although our bees are not yet “mite proof,” they thrive under “organic” beekeeping management methods. 
  • Our stock is specifically selected for qualities desirable in a Northern California beekeeping operation: workability, resistance to mites and disease, the early buildup for almond pollination or the Manzanita bloom, honey production on the local bloom, and survival under our extreme Sierra Foothill seasons.
  • Since we haven’t used synthetic miticides since the year 2001,  and avoid areas in which insecticides are applied, our combs are relatively free of the sorts of chemical residues that cause negative effects upon queen viability; our queens display an exceptionally high survival rate.
  •  Our queens are emerged and mated in the full-sized nucs in which they are sold, and have never been stressed by caging or banking.
  • Each queen is fully “tested,” in that we’ve allowed her enough time to confirm that she produces a good brood pattern.
  •  Please follow Golden West Apiaries' recommendations to manage the varroa mite.  We love our bees and hate to hear that they’ve died due to lack of varroa management.

** Nuc order changes are free of charge until March 1st, 2020. There will be a 25% fee after March 1st until March 31st. No order changes after March 31st, 2020.

*** Returns are free of charge until March 1st, 25% fee until March 31st. No returns on nucs after March 31st, 2020

SKU: SBC-1085-S
2020 Golden West Apiaries Nucleus Hives $260.00

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