Lock in our 2021 package prices by ordering your honey bees before our suppliers release prices for 2022!

We are offering high-quality, Italian honey bee packages available in April of 2022. 

We source our honey bees from some of the top honey producers in Northern California who continually monitor for mites and sickness throughout the year.  Our honey bee packages are transported in the least stressful way with the packages arriving healthy and strong. 

When you buy your honey bees with the Snohomish Bee Co. you get support and service from a local business right in your backyard. We stand behind all of our products and will be there to provide you with care that you deserve!

Whether this is your first year ordering honey bees or you are just increasing the size of your apiary, you should consider buying your honey bees from The Snohomish Bee Co.

Our Italian honey bee supplier, in Northern California, has been breeding some of the best queens and honey bees for 40 years and his father did the same for 20 years before that. 

What you will get in your honey bee package:

- Your choice: 3lbs (~10,000 honey bees) or 4 lbs (~12,000 honey bees)
- 1 Mated, caged queen (Marked or Unmarked)
- 1 Can of liquid feed provided during transport

 Your Italian Package Options for 2022 (Early Prepay Price): 

4lb. Italian Package w/ unmarked queen (Only available on the first delivery) $ 175* + tax
4lb. Italian Package  w/ a marked queen (Only available on the first delivery) $ 185* + tax
3lb. Italian Package w/ unmarked queen $160* + tax
3lb. Italian Package w/ a marked queen. $ 170* + tax  

All honey bee orders MUST be picked up on your chosen package pickup day.

Package pick-up dates are currently scheduled for:

(First Pickup) Wednesday April 13th, 2022 (Returns w/out fees until March 1st)**
(Second Pickup) Wednesday April 27th, 2022 (Returns w/out fees until March 1st)**

We make our best effort to deliver honeybees on the dates scheduled, however, weather and other conditions outside of our control can cause unexpected delays.


* Price includes a $5.00 refundable cage deposit
** Package order changes are free until March 1st, 2022, there will be a 25% fee after March 1st until March 31st. No order changes after April 1st, 2022.
*** Returns free until March 1st, 25% fee until March 31st. No returns on packages after April 1st, 2022 
**** This offer is not valid for large group orders, please contact us via email if you'd like to make a large volume purchase.

SKU: SBC-1896-S
2022 Package Italian Honey Bees (Early Prepay Pricing) $160.00

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