Have you ever wanted to keep honeybees but weren’t sure how to get started OR what was involved with getting started? Have you wondered what it would take to keep honeybees, the costs or time requirements? Are you currently on the fence about getting into the hobby and just need a little more information to help with your decision?
If you answered, “YES!”, to any of the above, this is the course for you! Our “Getting Started with Beekeeping” course is a quick and helpful introduction into the amazing hobby of beekeeping, this course will cover costs, time, space and the basics of keeping bees that should assist anyone with an interest in beekeeping to make an informed decision.
All attendees will receive:
  • 1 Copy of “Beekeeping for Dummies”
  • 1 Handout with the basics of getting started with beekeeping
Cost: $65 per person
Seats: 12 per course
Course Time: 2hrs
    *Disclaimer - There is a 48-hour cancellation policy in effect for all classes. No refunds will be issued if you must cancel within this time period. We occasionally host Guest teacher workshops, these classes will have a no refund policy. If the Snohomish Bee Company must cancel a class, we will fully refund the cost of the class. Our classes are held in a classroom that requires climbing a flight of stairs. Please let us know in advance if you require special assistance.
    SKU: SBC-1021-S-1
    Getting Started with Beekeeping $65.00

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