Spring Mason Bees are perfect for fruit and nut trees, berries, and spring-blooming flowers. These super pollinators visit thousands of flowers per day with a pollination rate of 99%! 

Mason bees are active in your garden for 4-6 weeks — click here to learn more about the mason bee life cycle.

Please note: All bees ship separately from products, so they will not arrive in the same package unless otherwise specified. For the health of the bees, we only ship mason bee cocoons on Mondays (Feb - April) to ensure they do not get stuck in transit over the weekend. 

Once your bees arrive, it's up to you to provide these pollinators with healthy habitats to forage and nest to be successful. 

The bees need pollen. We recommend picking a shipping date that is two weeks ahead of when you expect your spring plants to bloom.

These are clay-using bees. If you don't have exposed, moist, clay-rich soil, be sure to order Spring Mason Bee Mud Mix.

  • 20 mason bee cocoons, about 8 female and 12 male cocoons (natural ratio of males to females)


  • Mason bees forage in cooler and wet weather
  • A single mason bee can do the work of 100 honey bees!
  • Gentle and easy to raise, making them safe around kids and pets!
  • All cocoons have been harvested and washed to prevent the spread of disease and reduce pests.
  • Spring mason bees are common across North America. When you purchase from us, you receive bees specific to your region to give them the best chance of survival and reduce the spread of disease. 


  • Although we do all we can to ensure mason bee health, it is natural for some bees to die during hibernation.
  • Please avoid using bamboo nesting materials.
  • Mason bees prefer 8mm nesting material.
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