Grow more tomatoes, peppers, squash, and peas with our gentle summer cavity-nesting bees that are 100 times more effective at pollination than honey bees.

200+ cocoons per order! We send way more than you'll need because leafcutter bees have a higher dispersal rate than mason bees. So, please don't expect all 200 to stick around (the nature of nature)!

Like mason bees, leafcutter bees are only active in your garden for 4-6 weeks. If you live in an area with extended summers, you may want to consider getting two shipments of leafcutter bees 4 weeks apart for 8-12 weeks of pollination.

Please note: All bees ship separately from products, so they will not arrive in the same package unless otherwise specified!

For the health of the bees, we only ship/distribute Leafcutter bee cocoons on Tuesday, June 11th and Tuesday June 18th, 2024. If you are picking up your pre-ordered Leafcutter Mason Bees, we will be providing them at our Snohomish storefront on those days as well.

Once your bees arrive, it's up to you to provide these pollinators with healthy habitats to forage and nest to be successful. It's essential to take the time to learn how to care for your bees if you want to see healthy future generations in your yard.

If you purchase bees, we strongly encourage you to purchase some educational material so that you have a successful year of raising your bees!

NOTE: We average a 99% success rate in getting your bees to you safely. However, extreme temperatures and shipping delays may affect your bees. If your package arrives and your bees are DOA, please reach out to us within 24 hours of receiving your bees and we will coordinate with you a replacement or a refund.

  • Roughly 200 leafcutter bees

Product Features

  • Leafcutter bees overwinter as larva and take roughly 4 weeks to develop into adult bees. We've incubated the leafcutter bees for you and ship them for immediate placement outdoors.
  • Perfect for melons, cucumbers, beans, sunflowers, strawberries, and virtually all summer-blooming flowers. Our leafcutter bees can double or triple your fruit and vegetable yields!
  • Leafcutter bees fly best when daytime temps are 75°F/24°C and above
  • Gentle solitary bees that rarely sting, making them kid and pet safe!
  • Easy to raise - just set up their bee house with 6mm size nesting tubes or blocks.
  • The alfalfa leafcutter bee was introduced into North America from Eurasia in the late '30s. The ALCB is now naturalized across North America and is the perfect pollinator for summer blooms!
  • Leafcutter bees use non-fibrous leaves like rose, lilac, or hosta to protect her eggs. Plant peas, beans, or strawberries for flower and leaf sources.
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June 2024 Leaf Cutter Mason Bees $34.95

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