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  • 4 natural ingredients to keep your bees healthy
  • ApiLife Var is an effective natural treatment against varroa mites based on thymol, eucalyptus oil, L-menthol, and camphor
  • It is well tolerated by honey bees and demonstrates high efficacy against varroa mites, even with cooler temperatures where other thymol-based treatments tend to be less effective or have more side effects
  • ApiLife Var is a great asset to rotate miticides during the season and can be integrated into an annual treatment schedule

3 Main Advantages

  • ApiLife Var contains a lower dosage of thymol compared to other treatments and is designed to reduce side effects without a loss of efficacy
  • ApiLife Var provides an optimal release of thymol by contact and evaporation, leading to increased efficacy of the treatment
  • With ApiLife Var, there is no need for extra space to install the treatment on the top bars

Up to 95% efficacy, most effective when the temperature range is 65°- 95° F (18° - 35° C).

Three applications are necessary at 7-10 day intervals.

When treating using 3 wafers per colony.

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