Our Basic 10 Frame Langstroth Hive Kit is made from high quality, Pacific Northwest select Ponderosa Pine. It is our most popular hive selection and will work perfectly for housing your little pollinators. **AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL PICKUP ONLY** Basic 10 Frame Hive Kit Includes: 2 x Deep (aka Brood) Boxes 20 x Deep Wood and Black Plastic Foundation Frames 1 x Western (aka Super) Box 10 x Western Wood and White Plastic Foundation Frames 1 x Hive Base with a Screened Bottom and IPX Mite Count Board 1 x Telescoping Lid 1 x Wooden Inner-Cover 1 x 4 Hole Top Feeder 1 x Wooden Entrance Reducer
* Wood color and grain varies ** Does not include wheeled stand
SKU: SBC-1089-S
Basic Beehive Kit $329.95

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