Protect your bees while they emerge from their cocoons.

Our Bee Cocoon Hatchery Tube keeps your bee cocoons safe from birds, sun, wind, and rain. Spring mason bees and summer leafcutter bees hibernate in cocoons and it takes time for them to emerge. Bees rely on temperature and weather cues to emerge from hibernation. Emerging from cocoons can take several days as the bees chew their way out of their cocoons.

Lifestyle photos may not accurately depict what is included with this product. Please make sure to read the specifications below.


  • 6" long, 1 3/8" diameter
  • Black end plug
  • White end plug with 8mm (5/16") exit hole
  • The hatchery can hold up to 200 mason or leafcutter bee cocoons.


The Bee Cocoon Hatchery Tube protects from:

  • Sunlight: Direct sun can kill your bee cocoons.
  • Wind: Bee cocoons are small and lightweight.
  • Rain: Some bee species cocoons are not waterproof.
  • Predators: Birds and squirrels are attracted to bee cocoons.
  • To use, simply place your bee cocoons in the tube and slide the hatchery with the entrance facing out into your bee house. Place the hatchery tube as far back as possible.

Note: Do not use the hatchery tube to store your cocoons in the fridge. Leafcutter and wild bee cocoons are not waterproof and cannot be washed or stored in the fridge. Mason bee cocoons stored in the fridge must be kept moist during long-term fridge storage, use a HumidiBee to store your mason bee cocoons in your fridge over the winter.

SKU: SBC-1993-S
Cocoon Hatchery $5.95

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