Feeding Stimulant with Essential Oils. Helps Promote Healthy, Vigorous Hives® when used as a feeding stimulant.

Use as a feeding stimulant for late winter, early spring, and during dearth’s of nectar. Also add to your feeding mix to help build up packages, nucs and swarms.

Contains sucrose, water, spearmint oil, lemongrass oil, lecithin, sodium lauryl sulfate.

Can be used in the following ways:

Feeding Stimulant: Use as an additive to sugar-water feeds, drenches and patties to help accelerate the buildup of nucs, packages, swarms and small or weakened colonies during early spring, fall or dearths of nectar.

Spray: Utilize as a spray in sugar-water instead of smoke to calm bees and to combine weak colonies. Spraying on new plastic foundation helps encourage acceptance at the drench dose.

Drench: Apply 8 oz. (more or less depending on the size of the colony) 3 - 4 times, 3 - 4 days apart to the brood area by spraying or drizzling the mix on the bees and between the brood frames on failing colonies. NOT RECOMMENDED TO DRENCH OR SPRAY PACKAGES.

Honey B Healthy Instructions

Honey-B-Healthy, Inc. recommends preparing your feeding syrup using the following steps. Once your syrup is prepared, allow it to cool to room temperature prior to adding Honey B Healthy feeding stimulants.

  • For spring/summer, mix syrup at a ratio of 1-part sugar to 1-part water.
  • For fall, mix syrup at a ratio of 2 parts sugar to 1-part water.
  • Bring syrup mixture to a boil if desired, or just use warm water to dissolve sugar. Boiling is not necessary when using Honey B Healthy® products.
  • Allow syrup to cool.
  • Add Honey B Healthy® stimulant per recommendations below.

Mixing Ratio for Feeding Stimulant

Honey B Healthy Syrup
1-2 tsp. 1 Quart
4-8 tsp. 1 Gallon
1 Quart 50 gallons

Mixing Ratio for Spray or Drench

Honey B Healthy Syrup
4 tsp. 1 Quart
16 tsp. 1 Gallon
1 Gallon 50 gallons

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