Bees need our love and attention! Help save bees and have fun along the way with Love Bees: A Family Guide to Keep Bees Buzzing.

Bee colonies are fast declining and our buzzing buddies need our help urgently if they are to recover and thrive. In this bright, bubbly book, full of activities for families to do together, Vanessa Amaral-Rogers focuses on how we can help our nectar-collecting buddies flourish — and why these important insects are so awesome — through a whole swarm of engaging facts and fun games.

Teach your kids that conservation is cool – and what the awesome rules are to become a bee’s BFF (Best Friend Forever). Find out together how to make a bee hotel or a wildflower window box, and play the Waggle Dance board game

Pull-out activities include:
  • 64 colour stickers
  • Make your own bee mobile
  • Waggle Dance board game
  • Bee-spotter's survey sheet
  • Where do I live? wheel
SKU: SBC-1715-S
Love Bees $16.99

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