Imagine the sweet taste of our raw, low filtered, local Blueberry honey aged in a charred oak Triticale whiskey barrel for over 90 days. Sweet & smoky is what your taste buds will be relaying to your brain, along with the sense of overwhelming deliciousness! This honey is perfect for hot teas and hot toddies, drizzled over some homemade cornbread, and is the best secret ingredient for your backyard barbecues! Pro tip: Drizzle over salmon before cooking and enjoy the best-tasting fish of your life. Production is very limited as with all of our specialty honey's, get a jar while you can! We have proudly partnered with Skip Rock Distillery, an award-winning Snohomish, WA distiller.
SKU: SBC-1091-S-1
Triticale Whiskey Barrel Aged Blueberry Honey $4.50

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