Provide vital missing nesting habitat for your local native bees with a variety of nesting hole sizes and nesting materials.


  • Tower Bee House: 14" H x 10" W x 9" D
  • InvitaBee pheromone attractants
  • 30 BeeTubes - size 4mm
  • 30 BeeTubes - size 6mm
  • 30 BeeTubes - size 8mm
  • 30 Natural Reeds - size 6mm
  • 30 Natural Reeds - size 8mm
  • 2 Solid Wood Boards with starter holes
  • Instruction sheet


  • Our impressive bee hotel provides vital nesting sites for wild hole-nesting bees.
  • Wild bees come in a variety of sizes and need a nesting hole that is just the right size for them. We are hole-nesting bee experts and our nesting holes are the diameters that wild bees prefer. Our Natural Reeds and BeeTubes are easy to open and replace to ensure bee health.
  • As big as bumblebees, the large carpenter bee prefers to chew their way through solid wood boards (Xylocopa spp). Female carpenter bees can live for a few years and they are able to clean and reuse their nesting holes. Our Wild Bee Hotel includes two untreated Solid Wood Boards to provide nesting sites for carpenter bees, who are able to buzz-pollinate tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and cranberries.
  • Many wild bees like to nest in habitats that smell like they have been used before. Our InvitaBee pheromone sprays attract bees in the mason and leafcutter bee species.
  • Set up your Wild Bee Hotel near your flowers and get to know your local native bees!
SKU: SBC-1990-S
Wild Bee Hotel $92.75

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